Online Portal for Jamaicans Going Overseas on Short-Term Visits

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade will be introducing an online portal for the registration of Jamaican nationals who are travelling overseas for short-term stays.

The portal, to be up soon, will establish a database on Jamaicans’ overseas travel and assist in strengthening the country’s capacity for an effective response in emergency situations.

Portfolio Minister, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, made the announcement during her contribution to the State of the Nation debate in the Senate recently.

She noted that the portal is critical in the face of an increasing number of emergency situations, such as worsening natural disasters, pandemics, episodes of civil unrest, acts of terrorism and human trafficking.

“During the pandemic, a form was actually put up on the website, but we have recognised that this is absolutely not sufficient,” the Minister said.

“An online portal, which provides one single database that allows persons’ data to also be removed when they set the date of their return is a way in which we can ensure that if there is this type of event once more, and even smaller events… we will be in a state to be able to reach out to our people,” she explained.

Senator Johnson Smith indicated that work on the portal is at an advanced stage with the developer and the team at the Ministry.

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