Pastor Jumu Grant releases worship song

Pastor Jumu Grant has years of experience as a praise and worship leader and in recent times, he has put all of this experience into his latest project which is a single entitled  Jesus I Love You.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the single, Pastor Grant said he was sitting in his vehicle one day reflecting on his life and what God was doing presently in it.

“My producer sent me a track for a song, but when I heard the track it was not fitting for that particular song in that moment as I was reflecting, I began to sing ‘Jesus I love You, You’re the one that I adore every day, I love You more and more’ and I was like, this is the song for this track,” he related.

Released December 21 last year on the JG label, the single is being distributed on all digital platform, and Grant is hoping it will find its way into many listeners’ ears.

Born and raised in the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in a village named New Grant in Princes Town, he grew up with his grandparents and was influenced musically by his grandfather Rev Isaiah Cummings, a renowned man of God back then.

 He said it was because of his grandfather that he first started singing, and was eventually baptized at the age of 14. By age 19, he was working in the oil and gas sector and shortly after met his wife Keisha. They got married in 2006 and migrated to Canada around 2011-2012 where he met his spiritual father Pastor Leon Bogle Senior pastor of I Am Blessed Ministries.

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In 2018, Grant was ordained as a pastor where he now serves in three roles as assistant Pastor and one as young adults Pastor and one as worship leader.

“I do enjoy the call upon my life. It’s not an easy task, but I enjoy seeing people fulfill their purpose, understanding the call upon their lives, and overall winning. I believe that there must be balance in order for things or life to work efficiently and effectively. My first line of ministry will always be in my home and with my family; if that’s out of order, then I can’t stand on a pulpit to help others when mines is out of order,” are his impassioned words.

Grant takes this same passion into his musical ministry where he is looking forward to releasing more singles. His first was released in September 2020 entitled A J.O.Y. It was released independently and had over 80K views on YouTube.   

He also did a collaboration entitled “Blessings” with Crystal Reid and Noreta Lewis-which was released earlier this month.

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