PM says Grenada is yet to identify a niche market for marijuana

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell

The Commission on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation, which is tasked with conducting an exhaustive analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of legalising the plant, is expected to make recommendations soon, according to Grenada’s Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell. Grenada has not yet identified a niche market for cannabis.

“We have not identified a niche market as yet, that is why we have set up a Commission or a committee to really do the heavy lifting to really guide us to where we really want to go,” he said in an interview on the Grenada Broadcasting Network.

People with knowledge of the law, medicine, theology, business, and youth development make up the Commission, which is presided over by Rolanda McQueen. They got together in September of last year and are supposed to finish the assessment, report the findings, and make suggestions by the end of August of this year.

The Mitchell administration, which was elected in June of last year on the promise that marijuana would be legalised, recently reaffirmed that it would only be for medical purposes. Mitchell said to the audience that the goal is for a controlled system in which the police do not detain and prosecute people for using cannabis for personal purposes.

In terms of the broader financial advantages that will result from legalising marijuana for medical use, he claimed that his administration will secure the protection of the populace, especially the Rastafarians.

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