Police alert job seekers to fake employment agencies

The Jamaica Constabulary Force is urging job seekers, especially young adults, to ensure employment agencies are legitimate companies before engaging in any business with them.

This advisory comes even as the Police continue to share information with the public that they can use to help the Police keep them safe. Investigators are therefore informing persons that employment agencies are being used as a ploy to defraud persons of cash and in more serious cases, to lure persons into situations where they are robbed or are otherwise victimmized. These fake agencies use different mediums to advertise, but the use of social media is especially common.

Job seekers are therefore advised to use the tool provided on the Ministry of Labour’s website to verify that an agency is in fact an authentic business licensed to operate in Jamaica. The Ministry of Labour’s website is mlss.gov.jm/departments/mployment-agency-unit/

In addition, parents are encouraged to get involved in the job search with their children and guide them accordingly. Young adults are also urged to seek guidance from their parents or another trusted adult before engaging any agency.

Fake agencies employ many strategies, but some of the more popular ones include asking persons to pay for uniforms, training equipment or lodging. In some cases, they have also purported to offer lodging and meals to the job seeker. Such claims are usually false. Persons should interpret any such claims as a red flag and seek help immediately. Above all, persons must trust their instinct. If something feels wrong or ‘off’, call the Police immediately.

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If you or anyone you know suspect that the agency you are dealing with is a front for criminal activity, contact the Police immediately. Persons can call the 119 number or Crime Stop at 311.

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