Police in Clarendon denies shooting at vehicle which crashed killing two

The Jamaica Constabulary Force took to social media on their Instagram account to deny allegations made by residents of Clarendon that fired on occupants of a car which subsequently crashed killing two persons including a 17-year-old Vere Technical High School sixth former and injuring others.

The statement read:

JCF has noted concern raised, following a fatal crash in Clarendon yesterday. Contrary to some reports, the persons who suffered injuries and/or perished suffered injuries as a result of the crash. Neither the vehicle nor its occupants were fired upon.

After being signaled by the police to stop, the vehicle sped away and subsequently crashed into a JPS pole. The police later arrived at the crash site and eventually transported the injured to the hospital where two were pronounced dead. The vehicle (pictured) sustained NO gunshots.

The Police who signaled the vehicle to stop were conducting a routine spot check. The police vehicle present was a marked service vehicle. INDECOM and IPROB have begun their respective investigations into this matter and will inform the public accordingly.

Commenting on the post  Kynnykln wrote…. The truth will speak for itself. If they were shot, there should be gunshot wounds and bullet holes in their clothes. I find it quiet unfair that the public is so quick to crucify the police force, but when it is civilians, they are innocent until proven guilty. I see no gunshot wounds in the vehicle. And if someone was there and heard the shots or even saw shots being fired they should come forward with their testimonies. Otherwise I am of the opinion that those who seek to slander the police and create civil unrest should be charged. Let the investigation run its course as either way God nah sleep.

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