RENIGAD drops Solo EP

Dancehall deejay ReniGAD, former frontman of the high energy duo RDX, has escalated his solo artiste status with the release of his first solo project called, you guessed it, Solo.

 The 10 track EP is seen by the artiste as the official introduction to the international space as a solo act even though he has technically been building his solo catalogue since 2020.

“My solo career was established in 2020, but I had to build a fan base of my own allowing them to see me as an individual outside of RDX, now that I’ve accomplished that it’s on to proving the believers right and the doubters wrong,” ReniGAD asserted.

The Solo EP by ReniGAD tackles various topics as well; from social commentary to gangster tracks and of course songs for the ladies. There is only one collaboration on the project, a single called Believe with Qraig from Voicemail, also on a solo journey.

For ReniGAD putting the project together was challenging as it took over six months to choose from the almost 30 tracks recorded to decide on the final 10, he considers all 10 his favorites but has a special appreciation for the title track Solo which is a personal story of his solo evolution so far.

“The Solo EP is a refreshing listen based on the feedback I’ve been getting from objective listeners. There is something there fi everyone hold a vibes to. You can meds, dance or buss blank. If you love hear sick lyrics and sick flows on sick beats then you will enjoy this EP,” ReniGAD affirmed.

Already one music video from the project, for the Believe single, has been released racking up an impressive 30k views in its first 24 hours with more visuals on the way from the Solo EP in the matter of months.

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Production for the Solo project is mostly in house by ReniGAD’s GAD People Productions with a track by Luigi Society and Yo West. It is distributed by Zojak Worldwide.

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