Sha’Carri Richardson and the Jamaicans

American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson seems to have the Jamaicans up in arms in her constant bid to put them down. She has been liking away at disrespectful posts about Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, or anything to do with Jamaica.

Now you know the yardies are not one to sit down and take any form of disrespect. There have been several memes out of the whopping that the Americans took from the Jamaicans who repeated their Tokyo 100m finals finish – 1-2-3 – Elaine Thompson Herah, Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce and Sherika Jackson.

A hotelier in Jamaica issued an invitation for Richardson to come and destress (we more think to lick her wounds) and recover…but a post on the Instagram page suggests she isn’t interested.

Honestly from where we stand losers should take it gracefully and not bask in the disrespect meted out to winners.

The Caribbean Globe adds its voices to those congratulating the Jamaican trio.


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