Shenseea Says Mother’s Passing Is Why She Moved To America


Jamaican singer Shenseea has revealed that the tragic loss of her mother, Castilyn Eleanor Williams, was the primary reason behind her decision to move to America. Although her move aligns with her signing to Interscope Records, Shenseea explained that the death of her mother had a profound impact on her, making it impossible for her to stay in Jamaica.

Speaking during an Instagram Live session, Shenseea shared, “I know you guys hear me talk about this a lot, but the death of my mom was really traumatizing for me and I couldn’t stay there. I moved from where we were living at the time, and it was still too much.”

In June, Shenseea showcased her new house on Instagram, signaling a fresh start. She captioned the photos, “New house 🏠 who dis? 🔑.” However, her journey towards success has not been an easy one.

Since relocating to America, Shenseea is determined to familiarize herself with new places, and people, and explore different sounds for her future releases. She expressed gratitude towards Shenseea Says Mother’s Death Is Why She Moved To America those who have joined her on this new journey.

Shenseea’s ambition has always been to uplift her mother’s life through her music career. She said, “I just wanna say thank you to everybody who’s on this new journey with me… Me get a nine-to-five and help me mada build a board house just to call our own. Yes, we were in the ghetto, BUT a long time me have ambition…”

She further shared in a livestream that she is disappointed that she was only just beginning to give her mother a good life through her success in the music industry. Shenseea’s decision to move to America highlights the profound impact of the loss of her mother. In seeking a fresh start, she hopes to continue honoring her mother’s memory and dreams.

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