Sonsie X talks ‘Redemption’

Dub Poet Sonsie X since her launch on the scene has been a voice for those who are reticent when it comes on to revealing their innermost feelings.

When it comes on the language of love, she shows what is possible when you open up to the one you love.

She is yet again being a voice for the voiceless as she weighs in on the atrocities being committed against women in Jamaica.

With the headlines highlighting one case after the other of women being brutally murdered, SonsieX is hoping her latest single ‘Redemption’ will offer food for thought.

Commenting on the track that she said is inspired by her deep desires to make a difference in the society, she said her hope is that people will consider being a part of the need for unification and change in society.

“My hope is that they will hold themselves accountable. Speak up more about wrongs. I want a unified society as cliché as it may seem. I want listeners to consider to taking better care of the wordd we live in and the people involved,” are her impassioned words.

For the US-based dub poet being a voice for others and using her dub poetry to start a conversation are just some of the things she hopes to invoke.

“I’m worried about the next generation we are leaving behind. I want people to be mindful of the world we’re leaving behind for our kids and their kids,” she notes.
Released about nine months ago and is a track on her first album Namaste, the track was produced by Advanced Records in Kingston SonsieX said the song is already fulfilling its mandate which is to open listeners understanding as she continues on the catalyst for it. According to her the fact that there’s no longer any reverence for certain things makes her want to scream for a change or a wakeup call.

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“We all need to hold ourselves and each other accountable because we are in one connected world. Everyone wants to stand alone as if we don’t need each other. I wonder if people still care about being redeemed. Why is it so easy to make money but yet world hunger and babies getting raped still exist? Those are a few of the things,” she opines.

For the dub poet their silence is deafening surrounding crimes being committed against women and children and more creators should be adding their voices in social commentaries.

Born in Jamaica on Boxing Day, December 26 she migrated to the United States at age nine.

Suffering abuse at the hands of her stepmother, being beaten until she ended up in the system, it changed her life forever, hence her being a champion for the rights of women and children.

After embracing Christ as her Lord and Saviour, SonsieX who now resides in Missouri, is a nurse, wife, poet and business owner.

She credits Mya Angelou and Muta Baruka as persons she admires besides God and her husband.

Looking ahead, she said her goal is to create generational wealth for her family through her businesses and music while working her craft in being a better artist as she transforms persons minds.

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