Suriname Pledges Troops to Upcoming UN Security Mission in Haiti

Prime Minister Ariel Henry

The Suriname government has committed to providing personnel support to the upcoming United Nations (UN) multilateral security mission in Haiti. The purpose of this mission is to assist in restoring order and security to the French-speaking Caribbean nation.

During discussions on the situation in Haiti in New York, Albert Ramdin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation, revealed that the composition of the Suriname contingent is yet to be determined. It remains uncertain whether they will send police officers, soldiers, or a combination of both. Ramdin stated, “We are still waiting for the operational implementation. That will determine what type of security personnel and how many.”

Haiti has recently been plagued with unrest, and Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who currently leads the interim government, has called on the international community to provide support in order to maintain peace and security in the country. While the United States has pledged $100 million towards the multinational force, they will not be deploying troops to the Caribbean island.

Kenya, the leading country in this UN mission, has presented a comprehensive plan to combat the situation in Haiti. The plan involves providing operational support to the Haitian police in their fight against criminal gangs, ensuring the static security of crucial installations and passageways, and strengthening the long-term capability of the local police force.

Several other countries in the region have already pledged their support to this multinational force, including The Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, and Jamaica. However, the force is still awaiting an official resolution from the United Nations Security Council.

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The commitment of Suriname highlights the international community’s efforts to tackle the ongoing security challenges in Haiti. With the combined efforts of various nations, it is hoped that stability and security can be restored to the troubled nation, providing a safer environment for its citizens.

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