Tempa Lyrical denies mocking God in new video

Young lyricist Tempa Lyrical has come out vehemently denying mocking God and religion in his latest video project, for the single ‘Fraid A Mi’ produced by Shawn Heights Music.

Since the premiere of the single on the artiste’s Vevo channel four weeks ago, he has been facing questions relating to the graphic nature of the visuals and the seeming play on church activities. Tempa however wants to set the record straight.

“Music is art for me and so visuals are important to depict what is going on in society around us. But it’s not mocking God or any religion it’s just showing reality,” Tempa explained.

Scenes in the video for ‘Fraid A Mi’ shows scenes replicated from the Montego Bay Cult pester viral videos. While Tempa admits being inspired by this, he wants persons to know that it doesn’t mean he personally isn’t God fearing.

“The cult pastor’s situation was definitely inspiration for a part of the visuals but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a serious situation. I consider my self a spiritual person so I will never mock God, but people need to see the hypocrisy in some of these situations,” Tempa added.

The effects in the ‘Fraid A Mi’ video directed by JA Legends were well executed and make the graphic nature of the video even more intense. The visuals can be viewed on Tempa Lyrical’s Vevo channel on YouTube.

The artiste is currently working on new material while still in promo mode for his current singles; FrassaWall A Pain and Energy produced by ZJ Ice.

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