Travelr Taxi officially launches digital Taxi App

With the whole nation becoming more tech savvy it was inevitable that more transportation applications would emerge in the Jamaican market space. In a matter of days a fast rising chartered taxi app will be officially launched in the island.

Travelr Taxi is set to be one of Jamaica’s most reliable digital taxi services with a cost effective campaign of standardized pricing 24 hours daily. Available in the Google Play and IPhone App Stores, Travelr Taxi promises fast and reliable service across the island.

Officially introduced in 2017, Travelr Taxi started with the traditional taxi service model; however over time the team saw the need for more accountability for both drivers and passengers and looked at digitizing the already successful brand.

“I think the transportation sector in Jamaica overall is under served. The industry is filled with hustlers and hustlers don’t contribute to the development of a country or sector. We at Travelr Taxi created a platform to provide safe, reliable transportation services to the masses and to contribute to nationwide development,”  Travelr Taxi CEO, Damar Hutchinson shared

The Travelr Taxi app has been in the development phase for over a year ensuring the app was bug free prior to the official roll out. With beta tests complete, the mobile taxi app is ready for island wide operation. Already Travelr Taxi has more than 6000 passenger downloads and 500 driver downloads, setting the stage for a greater experience after the official launch on July 18.

The user friendly Travelr Taxi app empowers passengers to book their favourite drivers anytime anywhere and also automatically track their driver, get a photo of the driver and know the cost of your ride prior to entering the vehicle. Travelr Taxi also comes equipped with many other in app safety features.

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While Travelr Taxi is not eliminating the manual phone system of calling a taxi, passengers are encouraged to download and use the App for added safety and tracking services.

“What I love about the Travelr Taxi app is that it forces drivers to be honest about cost and wait times and eliminates other drivers from stealing passengers, it’s a safer and convenient way to travel I can’t wait for the official launch of this Jamaican based application,” Alicia -Ann Roxborough, Coordinator for The Travelr Taxi Launch, added.

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