US group partners with UN Women to advance gender equity and security in the Caribbean

The US-based Atlantic Council, through its Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center (AALAC), has formed a new partnership with the UN Women Multi-Country Office in the Caribbean to tackle gender-based challenges in the region. This collaboration will focus on promoting gender equity and security, with a particular emphasis on Guyana and Jamaica.

The partnership aims to address the unique challenges faced by women and girls in the Caribbean, such as limited access to essential resources for post-disaster recovery and barriers to political representation.

Studies have shown that elected or appointed women represent less than half of all political offices in the Caribbean, and 46% of women in the region experience violence at least once in their lifetime.

AALAC will leverage its global and regional networks, as well as its Caribbean Initiative, to raise awareness and foster dialogue on the challenges faced by women and girls in the Caribbean.

The project will cover various areas, including peace, security, and gender-based violence; democracy and political representation; economic recovery and empowerment; and climate and climate financing.

AALAC will work with UN Women to hold discussions and consultations with individuals and organizations in the region, multilateral groups, private sector representatives, and financial institutions.

The objective is to deepen understanding of social norms around gender in the Caribbean, generate momentum, secure buy-in from relevant stakeholders, and formulate concrete policy recommendations with a gender-based approach for the region.

The Atlantic Council’s AALAC broadens understanding of regional transformations and highlights the importance of Latin America and the Caribbean on the global stage.

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The Caribbean Initiative, launched in February 2021, serves as a platform for US and Caribbean stakeholders to promote a closer partnership between the two regions and enhance prosperity, stability, and well-being in the Caribbean.

Overall, this partnership between the Atlantic Council and UN Women aims to advance gender equity and security in the Caribbean, addressing the pressing challenges faced by women and girls and advocating for their empowerment and inclusion.

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