Usain Bolt questions criticisms on his involvement in dancehall music

Jamaica’s athletic legend Usain St Leo Bolt made a telling statement with a Twitter post when he listed all the positive things he has contributed to with ‘no problem’ for them. 

Education, security, cuisine – think Tracks and Records there has been no issues with any of those investments.

Until he started his investment in the Reggae/Dancehall industry. Many criticized the icon for the songs and some even said his money could have been better invested elsewhere. 

Since the Tweet many have been showing the fasted man on the planet their support as they responded: 

“You never listened to naysayers in the past. Wasn’t there a group that said you couldn’t run? You proved them wrong. Go ahead, prove them wrong again!! I think you will take our Reggae to higher heights!! This from well know journalist and MoBay Chamber of Commerce president Janet Silvera.

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