What is going on in the People’s National Party camp?

The other day there was an advertisement circulating with veiled threats on getting rid of persons and entities that are perceived to be ‘causing problems’ with individuals in the PNP camp.

Top of the list was member of Parliament for South East St. Ann Lisa Hanna.

The former Jamaican beauty queen was lured into the response as she posted on social media that she is now compelled to publicly resist long-standing efforts by fellow PNP members to bully her and use her name to create mischief.

All this backlash has been happening since the sage with Dr. Dayton Campbell and the accusations that have been labeled at him. Rumors are that Hanna is the chief instigator behind the accusations hence the animosity towards her. 

In a Tweet, Hanna wrote, “Therefore, in the protection of my reputation and integrity against that intent on continuously creating mischief, I say desist, It will take more to frighten me out of my commitment to the PNP and the people of Jamaica.”

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