Adults Called On To Protect Children From Contracting COVID-19

Adults must ensure that children are protected from contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19), by adhering to the containment and preventative protocols.

Making the call, Medical Officer of Health for St. Catherine, Dr. Francia Prosper Chen, noted that during the month of January, an alarming number of children were admitted to the Spanish Town Hospital, suffering from the virus.

She told the Monthly Meeting of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation on February 10 that with 119 admissions of children in January and an observation that persons are relaxing their personal-protection responsibility, if there is no change on the part of adults, more children will continue to be affected.

“The adults will have to protect the children, and if we have children in school or if we have children who we are relating to on a daily basis, we have to follow the protocols or we are going to see more children end up in hospitals. Let us remember that it is us as adults who must set examples and protect the children,” the Medical Officer of Health emphasised.

She reported that more than 5,000 COVID-19 cases were recorded in the parish during the month of January, and the highest number of cases per day was 409.

“We still need to encourage citizens to wear the masks and continue to do social distancing. If we want to get back to normality, we have to follow the protocols,” Dr. Prosper Chen said.

More than 13,000 persons were vaccinated in the parish during the month of January, and at the end of December 2021, more than 70,000 residents were fully vaccinated.

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Dr. Prosper Chen told the Councillors that “we have not vaccinated enough people, so please encourage your constituents to become vaccinated”.

In the parish of St. Catherine, vaccinations are done at the St. Jago Park Health Centre, and at other health centres, such as Christian Pen, Greater Portmore, Cumberland Road, Guy’s Hill, Sligoville, Brown’s Hall, Glengoffe, the Old Harbour Civic Centre and the Linstead Anglican Church.

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