Buju Banton says the lack of a viable third party is the reason for his support of the PNP

Buju has voiced his support for the Peoples National Party (PNP) in a recent interview. He cited the lack of a viable third party as one of the key reasons behind his decision to back the PNP instead of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). During an interview on the Onstage show, Buju Banton expressed his belief that everyone should have the right to participate in the political process.

Buju Banton noted that the absence of a strong third party limited his options, pushing him towards supporting the PNP. He emphasized that political tribalism should not hold a place in modern-day Jamaica. The artist questioned how Jamaicans could come together and unite in areas such as entertainment but remain divided when it comes to matters of governance.

Buju Banton urged people to move away from political tribalism and emphasized the importance of encouraging young people to engage in political activism. He expressed concerns about the future leadership of Jamaica if mature individuals continue to shy away from politics. By supporting the PNP, Buju Banton hopes to contribute to a more inclusive and unified political landscape.

The interview provided Buju Banton with a platform to address the issue of his affiliation with the PNP directly. He believes that the focus should not solely be on his political stance but rather on the need for a diversified political landscape in Jamaica.

Overall, Buju Banton’s support for the PNP stems from the absence of a viable third party and his desire to move away from political tribalism. By lending his voice to the cause, he hopes to inspire others to actively engage in the political process and work towards a brighter future for Jamaica’s leadership.

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