Canelo slams Messi over Mexico jersey issue

After moving the Mexican jersey with his foot, the Argentina star could have been in trouble after celebrating the team’s win over Mexico at the World Cup.

On Twitter, the Mexican boxer claimed that Messi was “cleaning the floor” by wearing a Mexican shirt. It was disrespectful of the Argentina star towards Mexicans, he said.

Canelo tweeted, “He better ask God to not run into me,”

Messi was taking off his right shoe when he accidentally moved the Mexico shirt. He had swapped it with a Mexican player following Argentina’s 2-0 win. As the Argentines celebrated in their locker room, the shirt was left on the ground.

Former Argentina forward Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero came out on Messi’s defence.

He said, “Mr Canelo don’t make excuses or create trouble. You don’t know football.” “The shirts are always on a floor after a match because they are sweaty.”

Cesc Fabregas, a former Spain player, also supported Messi. He said it was normal for players to leave their shirts on the ground before they can be washed.

Messi, 35 years old, is trying to win the first World Cup title for Argentina. The win over Mexico ensured that the Argentines were in a position to progress to the knockout round.

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