Facebook officially changes its name to Meta

Facebook, which announced earlier this week that it was looking into changing the name of the company in an attempt to reflect on its building of the metaverse, has officially changed its name to Meta.

This step seeks to reflect Facebook´s new approach on constructing its new metaverse platform, as confirmed by Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

They now see us as a true social media company, Zuckerberg stated, further commenting that the old name (Facebook) no longer reflects everything the company does.

The new name (META) accounts for the company DNA that builds technology to connect people, Zuckerberg added.

The project, announced in July, involves the creation of a series of virtual spaces where users can work, communicate, learn, create, buy and play without leaving home, the RussiaToday t.v. news reported.

According to Zuckerberg’s estimates, the metaverse will reach 1 billion people in next decade, as he hopes the new ecosystem will help create millions of jobs.

Now we will have to wait what will be the impact of such a decision, after years at the forefront of the media outlets, with million of users connected worldwide.

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