Guidance seeks to elevate dancers with new single

Reggae recording artiste Guidance is glad that his latest singles are giving dancers the highlight they deserve, and not just the artiste himself reaping rewards. Dancers like; Energy Di Dancer, Boysie Roses, Pata Skeng and Real Flavor have been in the industry for more than a decade without gaining the opportunities afforded other dancers.
“These dancers deserve to tour the globe too and I am playing my part to make this happen. When the dancers are a part of the actual songs they get not only earnings from the sale of the track itself but they are more likely to get booked on shows to perform the songs and dance moves, “Guidance shared

Guidance got his breakout hit in 2008 with reggae ballad Love What You Got; now however he is dabbling in dancehall with the Shamballa’s dance move inspired Shamballa Rock and Call In The Money, two tracks the feature decade long dancers; Energy Di Dancer, Boysie Roses, and Real Flavor. He also released a collaboration on mother’s day with dancer Pata Skeng called Mama Love.
“Dancers are as much a part of the dancehall culture, if these dancers don’t dance to your songs and create dance moves, dancehall wouldn’t be the same. This is their career and they deserve to get a better strength in the space locally and globally,” Guidance added.

Shamballa Rock and Call In The Money has been receiving rave reviews since their release earlier this year, including good radio rotation as well as in the streets of Jamaica. The world has also caught on to the songs and dance moves pumped by Shambala Rock Visuals visuals directed by Christopher Bird.

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The singles Shamballa Rock and Call In The Money is produced by New York based label Kerron Records.

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