K’reema breaths female empowerment with new Our Time single

With females consistently being pinned against each other and branded as competition, even in the entertainment industry, K’reema wanted to encourage women to work together as they are stronger together.

“I feel like we as women in the business have been working so hard for so long without getting the respect and recognition we deserve. Now more than ever things

have changed drastically from the male dominated industry. I wrote Our Time for my fellow queens simply to shed light and celebrate us,” K’reema shared

The ‘Our Time; single is a part of all female project called Female Reggae Voices produced by Res Staudenmann from Switzerland. It features many more amazing reggae female singers from all over the world, for K’reema this is testament to the power of the female voice. With her single, the artiste is focused on making her very unique voice be heard to continue to invade the thoughts, spirit and body of her growing fan base.

“Our Time is a song that forces you to move, to vibe and at the same time understand and appreciate the truth of the message behind it. Fans gravitate to my sound simply because of my authenticity and I’m just expressing how I feel as a woman in this business, so I think fans can feel that realness in this song,” K’reema added

While in Jamaica the artiste is currently wrapping up scenes for the visuals for the ‘Our Time’ single and is excited for the world to see them. She is also completing other projects under her Yellow Baby Label including projects with her father the King Yellow Man.

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