Gunmen kill four in Havanna Heights Clarendon, Jamaica

Michael Solomon

In an early Sunday morning brutal attack, gunman killed four persons in Havanna Heights, Clarendon, Jamaica.

The dead are Michael 27-year-old Michael Solomon, 32-year-old Tashana Whyte, her 25-year-old sister Sherona Whyte and 19-year-old Luke Newman, another relative of theirs.

The execution style killing saw their life being snuffed out with bullets to the head and torsos.

The sisters and their nephew were pronounced dead at the May Pen Hospital, while Sherona’s partner, Solomon succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment.

Information gleaned by The Caribbean Globe is that the incident occurred about 12:10 Sunday morning, with residents being alerted by loud explosions.

It is believed that the killing is in retaliation against a relative whom they believe was the intended target.

Solomon’s aunt took to Facebook to grieve the killing as she wrote, “I want to cry as I watch everyone crying but I can’t because I still believe you coming to call your aunty. I cannot accept this not after how I watch you grow into a responsible young man avoiding trouble and struggle for what you want never a dull moment around you nephew… how did this happen to such an angel.”

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