Guyana to invest in broiler breeder facility to reduce importation of eggs

The Guyanan government has announced that as part of its attempts to lessen reliance on the importation of hatching eggs, it will invest in a broiler breeder facility this year to support the poultry industry.

The facility, according to the government, will significantly help chicken production as Guyana currently imports 52 million eggs annually for an estimated cost of GUY$350 million (one Guyana dollar is equal to 0.004 cents in the US).

According to the report, the government has started collaborating with major poultry producers to produce maize and soya for feed production in an effort to help the poultry industry become self-sufficient as the nation battles rising food prices and supply constraints.

The national budget for this year, which was submitted to the National Assembly on Monday, includes GUY$28.7 billion for the agricultural sector.

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