Jamaicans don’t waste anything!

Starting this week we will be exploring some of the Caribbean’s culture with things unique to them. Feel free to email us at caribbeanglobe@gmail.com if you have any interesting stories to share. 

Jamaicans are a set of people who really don’t like to waste anything. Well, I am speaking of those in the country anyway. Growing up when a meal is cooked and if there is any left over then you can be assured that it will be given in another way for you to enjoy.

When boiled dumplings are left over then it will be fried over and it is really delicious eating the crispy treat. 

When a meal of salt fish or mackerel with food is left over, no problem you will enjoy a very tasty meal called “all in one”. Yup the food is thrown in the pot along with the mackerel or saltfish and then coconut powder or coconut juice is thrown in the mixture along with seasoning and mercy, sweeter than that you will never find. 

Outside of the kitchen in some homes where finance is a challenge then when the bath soap is used until it can no more soap up your rag, then it is put down and after several pieces are in that state then all of them are rolled into one and wallah you have new bar!

Visit any home in the country and chances are you will see Juici plastic containers, butter dish, and any other plastic container that food can be put away in.

Yup that’s the way my yardies roll!

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