The valley experience

By Joan Wilson


It is never easy going through the valley. It is one of the most painful experiences for any believer. In the valley is where they experience their lowest feelings ever. It’s where they often wonder if it is worth the fight. The valley experience is the real test of any Christian. Only two things can happen and will happen in the valley; believers will either grow stronger – or they will throw in the towel and give up the battle.

Being a Christian does not mean that unpleasant things will not happen to us, or that every day will be guaranteed sunshine.

It might not seem this way now, but for any believer to grow, the valley is very important for them. True, it’s not a great time, but when you have been in and out the valley you have that much more appreciation for God.

Andre Crouch said it best when he sang, “If I didn’t have a problem, I wouldn’t know that God could solve them, I wouldn’t know what faith in God could do…” just listen to the words of ‘Though It All’.

Speaking from personal experience, the valley can bring everything back into focus for you. When a lot of us first got saved we were filled with zeal and made all kinds of promises to help the cause of the Lord. Then we settled into a comfortable routine, work, home, church…and sooner or later became just too tired to do a lot of things we promised. In fact we are too tired or too lazy to put in personal devotion or to even pray.

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But the minute things start happening to us, we quickly remember that there is a merciful God and we spend as much time as it takes to pray our victory through. Of course it ought not to be like that, but the valley is like a reality check for God’s people.

Of course there are faithful, praying, dedicated believers who still have to go through the valley … but it could be that the Lord in His wisdom is making them strong for some huge task they have to do. He knows that they will encounter difficult people and difficult odds, so coming from their valleys nothing much can faze them in this task.

Are you facing your valleys right now? It could be that yours is a long, persistent bout of illness that seems to never let up; it could be that you are forever stuck in debt and there seems no way out; you may be suffering from depression and no matter what you take, you just feel like there is no point in living. Well, whatever the circumstances of your valley, reach deep into yourself and speak assertively to your spirit that “I WILL make it through this valley; no power on earth can tie me down.”

Remember, you have a friend who knows all about valley experiences and because He does, he can safely take you through it.

As Psalm 23 says “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me…” trust me, this is one assurance you can cling closely to; it has been tried, tested and proven…Hold on my child ‘cause it’s in the valley that He restoreth your soul.

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