Kristine Alicia says ‘Hold Strong’

In this ever-changing world of chaos, where normalcy is replaced with life-threatening anxieties, music soothes the savage beast. Mental stability is frail having weathered two years of the unknown. This is a time when spiritual guidance can strengthen confidence and ones well-being. Musical healing fueled with passion and heart can mediate fear into strength.

Kristine Alicia is the angel in the choir reaching out to calm our worried minds. The strength of her lyrics are delivered in a powerful commanding voice that not only soothes the soul but assures a light at the end of the road. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica she proudly comes from the support and encouragement of a well-versed musical family including her brothers and sister. Her father is a pastor and musician who taught her classical piano. It is no wonder Kristine rises above the crowd with spiritual energy; divine, powerful and healing.

Kristine has been through ups and downs. It was the passing of her husband in 2020 that resulted in a dramatic single entitled “Black Diamond,” a call to action for survivors, victims and those suffering in silence. The message is personal, yet reflects the trauma of a post-pandemic world. In November 2021, Kristine released a plea for ‘people to find their voice and sing again’ with a single entitled “Gold” on the Raging Storm Riddim produced by Christopher Hurst.

Her new release ‘Hold Strong’ remains true to her intuitive understanding of psychological stress experienced by those in fear and disillusionment. Her outstanding lyrics and delivery are  tied together by the psychosocial impact of life’s never-ending struggles.’Hold Strong’ was released on Friday and will be followed by an EP later in the year. Get ready to experience musical medicine that will guide us to feel whole again.  

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“My hope is that ‘Hold Strong’ becomes a melody that lifts up the ‘strong one’ we sometimes forget, who needs our strength and reminds our people of the innate resilience that pushes us through trying times.”

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