Noah Lyles aims to break Usain Bolt’s 200m World Record

Noah Lyles

Noah Lyles has set his sights on breaking Usain Bolt’s 200m World Record. With the 2023 World Championships just around the corner, Lyles took to his official Instagram page to declare his personal goal of running the 200m in an impressive time of 19.10 seconds. Lyles, who has been dominating the event in recent years, believes that if he aims high and keeps his dreams alive, he can achieve greatness on the track.

The current 200m World Record is held by the legendary Usain Bolt, who clocked an incredible time of 19.19 seconds in Berlin back in 2009. Lyles’ personal best currently stands at an impressive 19.31 seconds, making him the third-fastest sprinter ever in this event, trailing only behind Bolt and Yohan Blake with their respective times of 19.19s and 19.26s.

Lyles’ ambition has sparked quite a buzz among fans and commentators. While some are skeptics, doubting the possibility of him achieving such a feat, others firmly believe in his exceptional talent and consider his goals more than feasible. Only time will tell if Noah Lyles can prove his critics wrong and etch his name in the history books by surpassing Bolt’s iconic record.

Interestingly, Usain Bolt himself has commented on his own records, indicating that he believes the 200m record is more likely to be broken before his 100m record. Despite this, Bolt remains unfazed by potential record-breakers, recognizing the immense difficulty of breaking his records in the first place.

Noah Lyles’ determination to break Usain Bolt’s 200m World Record showcases his relentless drive and desire for greatness. As the 2023 World Championships approach, all eyes will be on Lyles as he steps onto the track, ready to push himself beyond his limits in pursuit of athletic glory. Can he achieve the seemingly impossible and etch his name alongside the legendary Usain Bolt? The world eagerly awaits the answer.

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