Preventative COVID-19 measures in place for West Indies/Pakistan T20Is

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony MP says adequate COVID-19 preventative measures will be in place this weekend for fans attending the West Indies/Pakistan T20Is at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence.

During Monday’s COVID-19 update, the Minister said discussions were held with the Guyana Cricket Board, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport, and the National COVID-19 Task Force. Guidance was also received from the International Cricket Council and the West Indies Cricket Board.

“All of those discussions we were looking at how we can post these matches successfully, as well as to have a balance in getting maybe some fans who would like to attend these matches and so we have decided that we are going to do a couple of things to make sure that people are safe.”

Dr. Anthony explained that while 40 percent of the National Stadium’s capacity can attend the matches, these individuals will have to be fully immunised against COVID-19.

“Fully vaccinated means that you’ve had both doses of the vaccine and after the second dose, two weeks would have elapsed, so which means that you will have adequate antibodies in your system to protect you against Covid.”

The Task Force along with the Cricket Board visited the facility and mapped out a pathway for fans. Dr. Anthony said that upon entry, fans will have to produce their vaccination booklets along with a valid form of identification.

“So, there’s a very elaborate process that a fan coming to watch these matches would have to go through in terms of when you come to the stadium, you are required to show proof that you have been vaccinated, which would mean that you will have to produce your vaccination card, and to verify that you are that person, you will also have to produce your ID card. So even if you have a ticket, and you don’t have your vaccination card to prove that you’re fully vaccinated, you will not be allowed into the stadium.”

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The gates to the stadium will be open early to facilitate the verification process.

Members of the COVID-19 task force will be monitoring the seating arrangements which cater for social distancing. Additionally, there will be no concession stands in operation, to avoid congregating.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr. MP, on Sunday, confirmed the decision to allow fans to witness the match live.

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