Quick police actions lead to recovery of stolen cash in Jamaica

Two suspects have been arrested and stolen cash has been recovered by the police after a motor vehicle break-in on Ocean Boulevard in downtown Kingston on Friday, April 21. The police’s quick and coordinated actions were instrumental in the successful operation.

A man has reportedly locked his car and entered a business establishment. More details to come.

The car owner was shocked to find a man leaving his vehicle and getting into a Toyota Corolla motorcar before speeding away from the scene around 2pm.

He was reported missing cash from his vehicle after conducting a thorough check. The money was reportedly withdrawn from a bank prior to the incident.

He called 119 and reported a vehicle that had fled the scene. He provided all the necessary information promptly.

Police in the St Andrew South Division have successfully intercepted a vehicle in Seaview Gardens with two men on board.

In a recent development, a vehicle and its passengers were subjected to a thorough search, which led to the discovery of over $350,000 and three cellular phones inside the unit.

Police are withholding the identities of the men who were taken into custody, pending further investigations.

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