Strictly Blessed 3 – The Male and Female Edition now out

The gospel reggae compilation series Strictly Blessed Vol 3 is now out on all digital platforms and it is one of producer’s Delroy Lingo’s proudest moment.

Lingo who has been involved in gospel production – both as an artiste manager, show promoter and producer has pooled the talent of some of reggae gospel’s best for this labour of love.

Strictly Blessed which rings close to VP’s Strictly the Best, got the producer thinking after the name popped into his head. He prayed about it and approached the Reggae/dancehall label for permission to use the name and got the go ahead. Now after two compilations,  the third has now hit the airwaves.

“I am really strictly blessed in spite of everything. The series started three years ago when I decided to focus primarily on producing,” he shared on the project.

Lingo who migrated to the United States after spending a lifetime building gospel music in Jamaica, said one of his main motivations in doing the compilation is to have Christians embrace it more.

“I decided to do Strictly Blessed because I saw where  Jamaicans didn’t fully embrace Gospel Reggae as they ought to,” he notes.

Delroy Lingo

This year, Lingo who always ups the ante each year, came up with the idea of doing the ‘Male and Female’ edition instead of combining the two.

“The first one we did was all male. Every year I try to do something different, because I like to be creative and I like to be different, doing what I do. When I looked, I realized that there has never ever been a female production in Jamaica. Not in the gospel fraternity,” Vol 3 takes care of that.

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The compilation was officially launched on Friday virtually. The artistes- six women and 12 men – connected together as one. The compilation includes Glacia Robinson, Judith Gayle, DaFlame, Sista Sasha, Little Kirk, Rian Davis, Delroy Lingo, Turbulence, George Nooks and Septimus. 

Robinson said Lingo has been an ardent supporter of her Ministry over the years and she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to make her contribution.

“By God’s grace, I was blessed and able to not only serve as the recording engineer for my sessions on this record, but I was also able to submit three songs on this record. Celebrating versatility, I drop some DJ inna di thing too…lol. I’m both humbled and thankful for the opportunity to be the carrier of these songs,” she shared.

For new artiste Johann Walker, Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) 2019 Gospel Festival winner, who makes her contribution on the compilation with “He Will Make A Way”, the aim is to encourage listeners.

“This one is very encouraging, especially for this time and the things that we are going through at this time. I think it is the perfect song for what we are going through this season. It is an any season song as well. They can dance to it and It brings good vibes,” she shared.

George Nooks who ‘blesses’ the compilation with “Praise Him said he has a lot of respect for Lingo and he knows the song will bless a lot of hearts.

“This man’s track record in the gospel arena is huge and for me it is a privilege to partner with him on this very important project – Gospel Reggae is slowly getting its rightful place and I hope my song will see it thrust even farther.”

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Commenting on the compilation he has put together, Lingo said he is “super excited”. The other artiste are excited as well.

“People should purchase this project not only because the music is amazing, but because of the essence of what this project stands for. I believe it represents commradery on so many levels. This is commendable and it is great to witness the coming together, and the unique participation of each person on this record,” said Robinson.

Broadcasting on Gospel Vybe Radio FM and GL 365 YouTube channels, listeners can tune in hear the songs, watch the interviews and connect. 

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