Tanya Stephens Lyrics Ring True – 2004 to 2022

In 2004, Reggae star Tanya Stephens released her notable album Gangsta Blues.  Among the 14 tracks, Tanya’s song “What A Day” is catching the attention of Reggae enthusiasts again.  The lyrics  stand out against the backdrop of events in the Ukraine:

What a day 

when war becomes a thing of the past, 
and peace, we will have it at last, 
And life is finally worth its cost,

What a day 

When men finally live what they teach,  
And love ain’t just a concept we preach, 
And blood no longer runs in the streets,

“What A Day” was produced by Philip ‘Fattis Burrell,’ written by Tanya Stephens and co-written by Mitchum Chin.  Just as the song was written and recorded in 2004 in response to events then, the songs lyrics come full circle to events today.

Tanya is one of Reggae’s heroes.  Her foresight and honesty recorded in song has given the world a catalog that stands the test of time.  Tanya is one of our female focuses in the 2022 Women of Reggae calendar. 

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