The love trap

By Joan Wilson

 Susan opened her eyes as she looked around her in confusion. Where the hell was she? There was nothing familiar about the bed she was lying in. She frowned, was she in the hospital. Weird she didn’t feel sick. Then suddenly recollection came. She was drinking like a fool and then someone held her as she collapsed against him.

         Susan surveyed the tall, handsome man walking towards her, hmm so he was her rescuer, she smiled she could do worse.

         “I’m sorry for making a jackass of myself,” she apologised sheepishly.

         “Don’t apologise, we all have our moments of insanity,” he said smoothly.

         “I feel like a fool,” she confessed.

         “Why were you drinking like that anyway,” the man asked.

         “Because I found out my boyfriend was two timing me. The bastard,” Susan said venom returning full force in her voice.

         “Wow, you really are mad. Anyway, I’m Kirk Maitland,” he said holding out a hand to her.

         “Susan Thompson…I wish we had met under different circumstances,” she complained.

         “Tell you what, I’ll take you home and later I’ll pick you up for a date and we can pretend we are going out on a blind date, how about that,” Kirk said laughing. Susan looked at him as he laughed. He had strong white teeth. She liked him, suddenly she felt reckless, if Tony could do as he liked why couldn’t she do the same?

         “You don’t have to wait until later,” she remarked giving him a sexy come on look.

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         Kirk didn’t need to be told twice, he grinned and came to join her on the bed. Man he didn’t know what he had done, but lady luck was sure smiling on him. He bent his head and met her lips in a deep kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him with an expertise that left him gasping.

         Mercy this woman was no novice when it came to lovemaking, she was pushing all the right button, touching him in all the right places.

         “Make love to me Kirk,” Susan moaned. Kirk couldn’t get rid of their clothes fast enough as he explored her body with his mouth and hands. Susan was doing some exploring of her own as she touched his throbbing member. Kirk sucked in his breath as he felt as if he was going under with the rush of feelings that surged through him.

         If he didn’t make her his then he was going to explode!

Jamaica, land of geniuses, Susan smiled as she thought about it. For real it sure she didn’t lack opportunities in getting back the bastard. If you wanted to get back at your cheating back stabbing man, you had the opportunity to find hunks to pay him back with. Kirk had been a dream in bed. He was like a tiger as he pleasured her again and again. She had been reluctant to leave as she realized she didn’t even know where they went from there. In the cold light of day she was finally back to her senses. Revenge had been a big part of her sleeping with Kirk – she didn’t even care about him, he was just a body to be used to exact her revenge on Tony.

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         Susan turned to see Kirk observing her with a soft smile playing about his lips.

         “Hi, had a good night sleep?” Kirk asked.

         “You know I did,” Susan responded.

         “You didn’t regret what happened between us last night?” Kirk asked. For some reason he felt he would be devastated if she told him she was sorry. Last night with her had completely blown his mind. He didn’t expect to feel the way he did.

         “No, not for a second. Kirk you made me feel things I haven’t felt in a long time…” then with an impish smile she leaned over to plant a teasing kiss on his cheeks, then trailed her lips so that they joined his…and held.

         “I want you again,” Kirk growled as he rolled so that he had her pinned beneath him. Susan didn’t answer, just twined her arms around his neck, drawing him even closer against her. She placed teasing kisses along his cheek, then his throat, trailing her lips to his nipples.

         She paused enjoying the way he tensed expectantly then she circled his nipples with her moist tongue, giving teasing little bites then suckling like a baby. Kirk groaned as he felt waves of pleasures racing through him. Susan continued her assault, feasting on one nipple then the other. Soon her lips were travelling again and this time she stopped at his navel sinking her tongue into its indented groove. Just when Kirk felt the pleasure couldnít get any more intense she trailed her lips to his inner thigh, placing teasing bites and suckling at the same time.

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         “You’re killing me,” Kirk gasped. He drew her up to him holding both her hands in his as he played the dominant role.

         “I hope you can take as good as you give,” Kirk teased as he kissed her deeply and passionately. Susan didn’t answer she was too busy enjoying his hands exploring her body. When his mouth covered her nipples she wreathed in agony against him.

         “Make love to me now,” Susan whispered as she pulled him against her. Kirk parted her legs and filled her completely, oh mercy he felt like he was coming home.

         Long moments after they finally caught their breath Susan turned to him with a satisfied smile.

         “We’re bad,” she commented.

         “No, we’re good,” Kirk corrected.

         “I think you had better go though. It’s getting late and I have to prepare for work,” she said regretfully.

         “I will see you again…won’t I?” Kirk asked. He hated the way he sounded but heaven having found her into his life he was afraid she would disappear just as suddenly as she came.

 To be continued…

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