The Love Trap – 3

By Joan Wilson

Look I don’t want to be rude but I’m expecting company, so… she looked toward the door indicating to him that he should go.

Suddenly Tony saw red, how dared her throw another man in his face. She was dissing him big time now.

“You must have forgotten who is the man in this relationship, I’d better remind you,” Tony stated before pulling her into his arms. He kissed pushing his tongue almost roughly into her mouth. Susan tried to push him away but he drew her even more closely against him.

“Go ahead tell me that you don’t want this,” he almost slurred as his hand roamed feverishly over her body. He lifted her as if she only weighed ten pounds and walked toward the bedroom with her kicking helplessly against him.

“Put me down,” she bellowed.

“Gladly,” replied mildly flinging her down on the bed then joining her just as quickly.

Susan struggled as he tried to strip her naked.

“Okay, I see you want to do it the hard way,” he said before straddling her dragging off her pants. Still holding her down, he rid himself of his clothes and brought his weight down on her.

Susan bit him hard on his lips, he swore as he noticed the blood.

“You little wretch he shouted as he slapped her across the face.

Susan felt the tears came to her eyes as she felt the sting of his slap. The bastard was going to rape her into her own home. He was breathing hard now, from struggling with her.

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“Get off me, if you don’t I’m going to file rape charges against you,î she warned.

“I’d like to see it stick, I’m your man,” he jeered.

“You forget that this is a woman’s country,” she reminded. Tony closed his mouth over hers, cutting off any more attempt at conversation. His fingers played with her most intimate area, Susan felt sick, she lay cold and unmoving as he tried to stimulate her, when he looked at her in anger, she almost smiled, but what she saw in his eyes made her heart beat in fear.

  • ••

Susan had never so much fear in her life but looking into the enraged one of Tony’s she knew what it was to feel naked terror. Susan knew she had made the biggest mistake of her life challenging Tony.

She knew more than anyone else how vindictive he could be. She searched her mind frantically trying to come up with an idea to relieve the situation. Tony in an angry mood could be so vicious.

“Look, why don’t we talk this over another day, this makes no sense, Right now we just hurling hurtful words at each other,” Susan said, trying to calm Tony down.

“You would like that wouldn’t you,” Tony snarled shoving her against the bed and raising his hand in the air. Susan turned her head away swiftly so the fist grazed her at the side of her jaw. She must have seen a million stars after the blow dropped.

With a strength she didn’t know she possessed she pushed Tony off her and ran towards the living room.

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She was glad when she heard the knock at the door.

“Help, help, someone’s trying to kill me! Call 911!” Susan shouted hoping that whichever of her friends was coming had the sense to get away as quickly as possible and get help for her.

Susan looked up to see Tony coming after her, fury written all over his face.

‘You witch, think you can escape me,” he growled, grabbing her and dragging her towards him. Susan screamed, all the time struggling to get away.

She was really afraid for her life, Tony looked as if he wanted to kill her. She was damned if she would go down without a fight.

They both looked around as they heard the sound of the door crashing down. Kirk rushed through looking like an avenging angel.

Tony looked up, deep scorn written all over his face.

“So you are the wimp she’s talking to. What the hell do you think you can do?” Tony gibed as he took out his ratchet.


To be continued


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