The Love Trap – 4

By Joan Wilson

If Susan hadn’t seen it for herself she wouldn’t have believed it, Kirk side-stepped him and shoved him away. He was so skillful, so smooth. He wasn’t even putting any effort in handling Tony.

An enraged tony came back at Kirk, frustrated by Kirk’s adept handling of the situation.

“Come on, come on, you gonna get it now, slime ball,” Tony goaded, wanted to catch Kirk off guard, but Kirk was too cool for that, his eyes followed Tony’s every movement when he finally came at him again, Kirk gave him a well-placed uppercut under his chin, knocking Tony flat to the ground.

Tony tried to get up and dropped again. Finally he gave up the effort and lie down, glaring at Kirk.

“You’ll pay for this, it ain’t over by a long shot. Nobody, nobody embarrass Tony and get away with it,” Tony flung at him.

Kirk grinned and kicked him under his bottom, “Sorry, but you let me forget my principles never to kick a man when he is down,” Kirk said grinning.

Tony looked at Kirk and hatred boiled up in his heart. He thought he had the last laugh. Grudgingly he admitted that the dude could fight, but he would get even with him if it was the last thing he did.

His posse would take care of him and the witch who betrayed him by going to him. He was down now, but he would get the hell out of here and then there would be hell to pay. There was a thin line between love and hate…Susan had just crossed that line.

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Tony replaced the receiver a wolfish smile playing across his lips. Susan thought she had the last laugh, well he was gonna show her. No one humiliated him like that and get away with it. No way! Whoever sang the song “a thin line between love and hate knew what they were talking about. He never knew he could so quickly despise someone. It didn’t matter that he was the one who dissed her first, he wanted blood for what she did to him.

Kirk and Susan sat in Burger King, way at the back. They were both occupied in thoughts. It was a mechanical process eating.

“I think you should come move in with me,” he finally told her what was on his mind.

Susan looked at him as if he had sprouted two horns.

“I’m not running from him Kirk, I won’t spend the rest of my life being afraid of him – that’s what he wants, and I’m damned if I will give him that satisfaction,” Susan said vehemently.

“Please be reasonable sweetheart, Tony is a mean man – you saw that. It’s only common sense,” seeing her stubborn look Kirk held up a hand, ‘Alright come stay by my place tonight – we’ll take I from there,” he said in resignation.

Susan laughed at the pained expression on his face. She was annoyed at his over protectiveness but she was touched too. It felt good to have someone fussing over her for a change.

“Alright, you got it, just drop me home to pick up some clothes and then I’m all yours for the night,” she quipped.

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“Why bother, come one let’s go catch one of those malls before they close, I’m not even going back to your place,” Kirk told her. He didn’t admit it but somehow the thought of going back into her house gave him the creeps. He was a man who followed his instincts at all times and the urge was strong for him not to go back to her place. He had never gone against it – and he didn’t plan on starting now.

They ended up going to Macy’s and Kirk had a ball getting Susan something to wear. He didn’t know he would enjoy himself so much. The look in her eyes when he selected a working suit for her – it was worth it. His reward came when she bought a sexy negligee. She looked at him with a teasing glint in her eyes, “I’m going to send your blood pressure soaring tonight,” she promised.

Kirk was more than up to the thrill, he could hardly contain himself in the store. It was a relief when they made their way out and head on to his apartment.

“You witch, you were enjoying yourself at the store weren’t you?” he growled drawing her to him. He gave her a deep kiss, he would have prolonged it but Susan pushed him away gently.

“No, first we take a shower and then…” she left the sentence trailing as she started stripping and head for the bathroom. Kirk grinned, that woman was full of surprises. He followed her, she wasn’t the only one with surprises. In no time he was naked, he opened the door and drew the shower curtain, she looked up in surprise as he walked in.

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“So, how about a game of drop soap?” he asked raising a brow.

‘You devil!” Susan scolded. Kirk didn’t reply just wrapped her in his arms, it felt good kissing her as the water ran over then both.

“We are gonna flood the place,” Susan complained.

“Let it, I need you baby, badly,” he told her cutting off her speech with his lips. They kissed hungrily, feeding off each other’s passion. Kirk laid her gently down in the bath, then he placed a trail of kisses down to her navel. Then made a sensuous path back up to her lips.

To be continued…


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