The love trap

By Joan Wilson

   “Damn him, damn him to hell!” Susan Thompson exploded in rage as she walked through the door of her posh suburban apartment. She was tired of Tony Matthews disregard of her feelings. How many times had she made excuses for him thinking that he would change?

The truth was plain for her to see now, he was a disgusting womanizing bastard and he would never change.

            She had invested so much of her time in him only to have him spit in her face. Well she would be his fool for the last time. Still that did not stop the tears from pouring down her cheeks, it hurt so bad. She had invested a lot of her emotions in Tony and it was a blow to her plexus to walk into his bedroom and see him wrapped in the arms of another woman.

            The utter humiliation she felt as she met his guilty look and that of the woman’s smug expression. Unable to deal with it she had turned and ran out of his bedroom.

            The phone was ringing as she walked through the door. No doubt Tony was calling to check up on her after the mad rush she left his house he probably thought she had run into a truck or something.

            She grabbed up the receiver, let her see what the bastard would say to her.

            “Susan…” he began but suddenly she didn’t want to hear anything from him. She was afraid he would start speaking and she would forget her anger and give in to him.

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            “I don’t want to hear anything from you Tony, don’t call back this number, do you hear me!” she snapped.

            “Honey, listen to me. I don’t know what happened, I swear this is the first time I’ve ever been unfaithful to you and it will be the last,” he pleaded.

            “Get lost Tony, do you take me for a fool,” she snarled as she slammed the receiver down. How dare him call her and tell her lies. Looking back at it now all the signs were there. The many missed dates, the way he hurried her home whenever she went to visit him, only thing she was too blind to see. Well not anymore her eyes were wide opened and it would be a cold day in hell before another man took her for a fool.

            Susan felt haunted in the house, she was too highly strung to stay inside, she had to get away. Every time she closed her eyes she had vision of Tony in bed with that woman. She picked up her car keys and left the house, she had to get away.

            She ended up at a club in the Bronx. She ordered a glass of red wine, then another soon she lost track of the amount of glasses she consumed.

            A guy pulled up a stool beside her. She glanced in his direction and carelessly noted that he wasn’t bad to look at, then again her vision was blurry anything would probably have looked good.

            “Don’t you think you have had enough,” he asked concern in his voice.

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            “Not by a long shot,” she slurred. Susan got up intending to make it to her car but the place started spinning and she felt as if she was sinking into a deep hole. She never felt the pair of arms that wrapped around her waist, nor the hands that lifted her as she slumped unconscious.

To be continued…..

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